What 2016 may bring for marketers in Digital Marketing…?

What 2016 may bring for marketers in Digital Marketing…?

     Predictions – one of those words you hear frequently at the start of every new year (after “resolution” of course). Apparently there is something very inquisitive about this word that attracts us big-time, so much so that every time the word is mentioned the first question that pops in our mind is – “WHAT?”

     We are always curious about predictions, be it predictions about whether or not we will find that special someone or whether we will get hitched or even what might happen to our dog(hey we love him/her ..Period!) or whether we will achieve our dream weight (already making fitness resolution aren’t we?) or whether we will be able to (finally) stay in our dream house with our dream companion *winks*, and the list goes on and on.  Apart from these, as an important species of this humongous planet we are also curious about some other kinds of predictions such as, predictions about the worldly affairs or politics or the climate, even predictions about economy where in turn we are also curious about our business forecast, will it rise and make our pockets feel nice? or will stand still/fail but make us wise?!!

     In this new age, digital marketing is our pawn that would play a vital role in deciding the fate of our businesses. The performance of this pawn over the years has rendered some big players of the industry such as the officials at Forbes and many others to come up with some stellar predictions.

Lets have a look at them…

  1. The rise of Video Marketing.-  Michael Lift (CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard) very aptly said  “The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web”. Videos would definitely rule the upcoming years, be it gifs, testimonials, Vlogs (Video Blogs), instagram videos, tutorials, product reviews or even animated videos.  2016 would definitely be turning point as far as video marketing is concerned which would surely pump up the market. Social selling evangelist Jill Rowley very correctly states “Using Videos to connect with a prospect actually humanizes the selling process!”
  1. Era of Growth Hacking- There’s no denying that growth hacking is hot and it’s here to stay. Though in the recent years despite the buzz many businesses still haven’t employed themselves under this framework entirely. 2016 might just flip the pages when growth hacking will climb up the ladder and make the industry shine! In the recent past the entrepreneurs and businesses that have resorted to this marvel have seen the brighter light of the day. So this year might just crank it up a notch(or rather many notches) and for this new breed of growth hackers, tools like SEO site checkup, Intercom, User-testing, Google Analytics  and many more would just be salvation!
  1. AppBloom Period!! – In 2016 business owners would understand the power of a dedicated app for online visibility. Though we are a few years away from apps totally taking over and replacing websites but 2016 would be a pivotal year in app adoption from business owner’s perspective. It’s going to be advent of mobile applications even prioritized higher than traditional websites. After all we are so hooked to our mobile phones aren’t we?!
  1. Digital Assistants will lead to new kind of optimization- Rise of digital assistants (DAs) is going to lead to new kind of optimization. DAs like Siri and Corona use traditional search engines only when necessary to find information. To optimize growth we have to make sure our business information is easily accessible to DAs rather than trying to funnel people at our site specifically.
  1. This technique too would boom in 2016 – Viral memes, funny videos, inspirational quotes and pictures of our friend’s weddings/babies and much more are scattered all over our Facebook and Twitter feed. It is more challenging to get people aware and engaged with a particular brand. 2016 will see a marketer focusing on communities within communities that means finding a way to reach the customers by using another person’s or group’s audience on social forums. One of the ways to achieve this is influencer marketing. It includes partnering up with non- competing players of our field and use them to spread the message.

     These were just some of the many predictions. Apparently 2016 seems to be an exciting year for our pawn “Digital Marketing” which would surely shake up the game!!