Using Social Media Wheels to Ride Your App

Using Social Media Wheels to Ride Your App

A lot among us have dreamt of great ideas for mobile apps. From finding the best restaurants in town to finding a plumber for your house! We sure can develop an app innovative and unique enough to generate wide-ranging appeal.

By this time, you have defined your big idea. Perhaps even completed the design and development of your app.
So everything is set for right for the launch? Not really!

You need to take those additional steps in order to get your app out there and attract users.
You have already defined your goals, target audience, marketing plan, etc. However, if you take care of a few basic things and improvise on your marketing plan, it can do wonders. Social media is a powerful marketing platform, provided you do things the right way!

Pre-launch activities:

Researching the key players in the category your app operates in will give you some among the best insights as to who are your target audience. The ongoing market trend and consumer preferences.

Predefine your goals:

While launching the app, centralize your user base and make it clear to yourself about who will be your target audience, region, etc. Don’t try to submit your app to every store. This would allow your app to get higher ratings, better ranking and more visibility. Be very specific with your expectations.

Create a social media marketing plan:

Creating a social media marketing plan is easy when you have already envisioned the future of your app. While making a plan make use of various social media tools such as:

•Facebook – is compressive and allows you to post pictures, add videos, send detailed mass messages, interact on public walls, run contests and more.
•Twitter – offers a variety of advertising options so you can choose the option that best relates to your bigger marketing goals. For instance increase followers, boil down to get website clicks
•Google+ is the best place to showcase your content because it helps increase your SEO rankings on Google
•You-tube – is purely a video medium whose reach cannot be underestimated. As mentioned teasers/ explainer videos must be on YouTube and that are posted on social media
•Pinterest – is among the fastest growing website in history and best used for increasing your brand awareness as well as generate new leads
•Instagram – This platform has many benefits when it comes to connect with customer, learn what they like and fuel your marketing channels
Always make it easy for users to share – the most valuable of tricks. It comes in value from the increased number of user engagement to share your post through their social graphs. E.g. “Retweet to win” it no doubt increases the use engagement but also helps create a brand visibility.

Involve potential customers every now and then:

If you are launching an app, be sure to encourage your existing as well as your potential users have spread the word further. Reaching out to your existing user base via blog, social media, newsletter or either of the 3, and be sure to specifically ask users to help you spread the word. Consider running a campaign and boost a few posts!

Create a video and showcase it on all the social media platforms:

It’s one of the most expressive and effective way to show off your app’s features and functionalities. A video that portrays its workflow and interface capabilities to its end users. The best part is you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money or hire any production team for the same – there are ways you can create simple and professional looking videos that showcase the desired content.

Offer a sneak peak of your app with teasers:

Consider including some artwork, logos, screenshot or any other marketing collaterals and make it more communicative and interesting for your audience. If at all you can offer a few snippets of your app or allowing reviewers to play around with your app beforehand, nothing like it!

It’s never too late to start blogging:

No matter how old, but one of the most effective social media mediums is to start writing, contribute articles to some of the 1000’s of writing platforms or even involve in some of the forums out there. Whether it’s WordPress, Tumblr, or even Squarespace, there are plenty of very easy options to use. Make it a point to also for inputs and feedback for we all know ‘Customer is the king’.

Run Campaigns:

By now you know who your target audience is! Run campaigns with innovative breakthroughs on your selected social media platforms and most importantly, engage with your campaign’s participants. Pay close attention on all the positive submissions and make an effort to thank them. It helps enhance your social media presence.

Launch Day:

Reach out to everyone on your list. Tweet and post when you app is released a number of times through the day. Try a retweet campaign coupled with a giveaway-specific hashtag to boost Twitter activity and capitalize on the excitement of your launch. And don’t forget to monitor all social media channels closely; respond often with a simple “thanks” or retweet users when appropriate.

Post App Launch period:


After your successful launch, sustain the momentum and invest in paid promotion campaigns that will keep your app’s visibility and further extend the momentum of your app.

Don’t stop adding new features to your app:

Be super active on social media. Ask your users questions and respond to their inquiries, ideas and feedback immediately. If they make recommendations that you can implement in a future update, thank them for contributing. You can also provide some additional benefits or gifts to a few of them. This will definitely help build the trust factor and further enhance your relationship with your target audience.

Word of wisdom:
“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
– Henry Ford