Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

December is almost over and the world is already looking into Digital Marketing trend predictions for 2017! The digital scene is continually changing; patterns that worked one year become obsolete before the New Year even arrives, so the bigger the business, the more diverse is your customer base. No matter how easy is it to target customers, the challenge is to provide the right data from the volume available.
The question that arises is how to stay focused, create and increase engagement?

Here are 6 trends we predict for 2017:

Increased focus on customer experience


Customer is the king! Companies that happen to embrace customer centric approaches to create effective content strategies, digital transformations, etc. have been successful and will continue to do so in the long run. Automation has become the crux of understanding your customers and upholds the competition. Tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial help schedule posts across a variety of digital media platforms. Therefore an intelligent content strategy plan will help you keep up with the growing number of channels and devices your customers are checking the up to date content.

Grasp the IoT (Internet of Things)


The Internet of Things has been in its early stages. In 2017, anticipate that organizations will influence the force of billions of associated gadgets—an advertiser’s fantasy. Gathering and making that information valuable, however, will be vital. Reference points, sensors, edge gadgets, TVs, clothing, wellness brands, and more are all delivering valuable information, which means more chances to get nearer to the client. Expect that the IoT will change how we influence tech and information.

Chatbots and AI go block their space


It is no more science fiction! Artificial intelligence is a real strategy digital marketers will use. Giving positive client experience and administration implies utilizing the force of innovation. Approaching local people for exhortation on where to eat is great, however they don’t know whether you like spicy food or have a gluten narrow mindedness. Envision a chatbot who knows your preferences, abhorrences, and needs and can manage you on where to eat, how to travel, or where to shop? Chatbots can utilize AI, profound learning, and information pieces from over the web to comprehend and control customer conduct.


Live streaming and videos


This gives emphasis to right time marketing instead of real time marketing. Social media platforms like facebook, periscope and twitter have their own live streaming features and today when used at the right time can help your business majorly. If you are not sure how live streaming can help your business try hosting a podcast with a traveler to gain insights on his latest journey on facebook live.

Increasing popularity of messaging apps


So there is a hoard of options to choose from. There is facebook messenger, whatsapp, skype, snapchat, etc. which allow users to communicate anywhere across the world. A feasible option businesses can opt for is to couple messaging apps with artificial intelligence or chatboats. This can help businesses to manage any number of customers by interacting with them via messenger apps.

Enhancing Across Multiple Devices


This trend shall follow for long. It’s not TVs and radios where you will find your customers now, but particularly on smartphones. In addition to the fact that it is vital for organizations to take their digital marketing strategies mobile, they have to enhance a steady advertising methodology that works over numerous gadgets. For instance, website promotions need to upgraded and appropriately scaled for mobile devices, desktop PCs and tablets since you never realize what gadget your client may utilize. By implementing a cross-gadget strategy, you can achieve a similar client on multiple devices and will likewise contact a more extensive group of onlookers.

Social commerce


The more connected your clients are, the better are your deals. In the course of the last couple of years, we’ve seen online networking assume a vital part in this area. Not simply that, however social media is turning out to be progressively more noticeable in list items. Google as of now has bargains set up with Facebook and Twitter—you’ve likely as of now observed a Tweet or two show up in your list items.

There is an expanding need for new substance and advertisers appear to comprehend that they need to create a greater amount of it to stay aware of the developing substance utilization. Content marketing is turning out to be additionally testing, as it is turning out to be more reason driven. It’s not just about making substance; it’s about finding the connection between value and ROI.


It’s never too soon to begin pondering your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming year. There still is room for the unpredictable and unprecedented. As the year proceeds, you’ll know better…