The “to-be” influence of 3D- printing on digital platforms!!

The “to-be” influence of 3D- printing on digital platforms!!

     Making three dimensional solid objects from digital file seemed like such a huge task in the past (read: almost impossible) but what is it that our great hero Mr. Technology can’t do?    (Well downloading food doesn’t count here ok!). Anyway… so 3D printing has come a real long way. The future of making things in a 3D way is transforming businesses and lives.

     The adoption of 3D printing by businesses will be a viable marketing tactic because after all you will be combining the analog and digital world in such a way that is completely unprecedented.

     Many giant companies have adopted 3D printing strategies. Big names in the market like Ford and Nike. Ford has been using 3D print technology since long and recently printed its 500,000th part with a 3D printer which was an engine cover for ford mustang. Well how does a 110 year old car manufacturer, the fifth largest in the world, remain relevant engaging and approachable in the digital age? – This one does some excellent work on many different social media channels, tailoring its output and connecting to each channel’s audience with the right content and tone of voice.

      Nike’s CEO Mark Parker has stated that 3D printing technology has been a big boost for the company in the recent times. We all are well aware social media presence of this company and with the increase of 3D printing they just got more content and interesting add-ons for their pages thus increasing the traffic.

     Now the real question here is – how new businesses resorting to 3D printing technology would use digital market for blooming?

     They can use digital marketing to spread the word about their latest 3D prototypes and then use the response from social media to reform their product ideas. Hence digital marketing would help businesses gain more flexibility as it would help them to keep on modifying and becoming better, by the day

     This technology can highlight the importance of customization for businesses and when coupled with digital marketing, the benefits are great as people can use social media networks to share their very own unique and customized versions of the products. Well, definitely digital marketing strategies will have to be modified to suit the trend. The ads will become more personalized so that the marketers can reach their customers more effectively. Digital marketing will be implemented within the context of 3D printing technology and portray what this technology can offer to its prospective customers.

     And then we have 3D printing marketplace and community like “Shapeways” which is creating waves. If you want an object to be 3D printed, all you have to do is upload the design’s CAD file to Shapeway’s website, pay a fee that mostly just covers the cost of the materials and then wait. In a few days Shapeway will send the 3D printed object to you, nicely bubble wrapped and ready to use. This marketplace again has a huge presence on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

     As we say it, blooming of 3D printing would be like an added bonanza for digital marketers, we look at the new possible realm of potential customers, waiting for their catch.