The Role Of Blogs In Inbound Marketing

The Role Of Blogs In Inbound Marketing

In today’s fast paced internet world we want everything at a click of a button – WHY? Speed baby speed! We like to speed things up. Be it shopping, be it tutorials, we want everything at a click of a button (Ah- internet – our love- what  would have we done without you!)  If the so called “click of a button” while using internet helps us in so many ways, why not use it to grow your business?!.. So here comes inbound marketing to your rescue… It is basically promoting a company through blogs, SEO, SMO, videos and much more which serve to attract customers. Basically it is the marketing focused on getting found by the customers.

If inbound marketing is your kingdom, “a blog” is your king!  Could you have successful inbound marketing strategy without proper “blogging”? – Slim chance.

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Here are some of the reasons why your “king is THE KING”

  • Statistics say that companies that blog create almost 67% more leads than those who don’t. How? Well if the content is delivered through active blogs or conversational tone- your prospects get to know your business better.
  • 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers. When they like it they hit the “share” button- and then- Hello Social Media Marketing!
  • Google is hungry for fresh content. What blogging brings to SEO is Content Freshness. The more you blog (sensibly) the more likely your site will rank higher…simple!
  • Marketers that prioritize blogging are 13x times more likely to generate a positive ROI.
  • And if some of the blogs on your site contain answers to customer’s queries- boy there is nothing as good as that!
  • Cal-to-Action buttons included in the blogs work wonders.

Here we have so many companies calling this king to action such as…

  • Dell: Often breaks news on their blogs in a great conversational way (which keeps people coming). We all know where the company is today and blogging definitely plays a big part in it.
  • Lenovo: Here’s another company whose proficiency in blogging and the outcomes of it cannot be ignored. It mingles posts about its product line with business, life and technology.
  • IBM- IBM definitely understands the power of a free-flowing idea-sharing over staged formulated posts and this indubitably has helped the company grow manifolds.
  • CISCO- this company is an excellent example who utilize blogging which has now evolved into a community –hub.

Moral of the story- all you got to do is- write blogs on a regular basis for your site- answer queries in them- add some CTAs where required and just sit back and see the magic!!