Blogging vs Vlogging

People enjoy reading and also see videos about various topics of interest. It is an effective strategy to increase the traffic.

But the question is why should you blog or vlog?

The power of blogging is crystal clear. Today, for every business, blogs have become the cornerstone of how users discover new content and find products online. There has been a rise for video marketing, a blog that contains video content as well.


Blogging and Vlogging


Blogging is a simple yet very effective way of engaging with your target audience and increase traffic to your website. It doesn’t take much time or technology to set up. All you need is a computer, internet connection and ideas to get started. It’s likewise a smart thought to be dynamic on a few online networking stages to advance your posts and increment their range.

Vlogging deals with an indistinguishable idea from blogging – sharing data and counsel on the web, aside from it is done by means of videos. The tone of vlogs is normally more conversational and hassle-free. Vloggers don’t need great composition abilities, however they should be agreeable before a camera and have the capacity to present data in a fascinating way.


Blogs are still buzzworthy


No matter how old fashioned, content is the king. Traditional blogging allows you to pull the right nerve of your target audience – for instance when it comes to SEO, whether it’s focusing on catchphrases or putting particular connections inside your substance. On a similar note, our good old friend Google loves long form content. Through customary blogging, you can possibly dominate your forte through the composed words.

Blogs establish trust and authority for brands. Therefore, with a meaningful topic in mind, anytime is a good time to start blogging.




Virality of Vlogging


Vlogging isn’t only for organizations with huge amounts of time and favour hardware staring them in the face; vloggers today are finding gigantic accomplishment by basically bridling the force of their cell phones. The emerging popularity of YouTube videos and streaming services are creating more buzz around the video content. One major advantage is that videos are inconceivably simple to process and share, making them ideal for focusing on potential clients through social network. Hence, this niche tells us what the future holds.

As a content marketer you should consider the strengths of both blogging and vlogging before disregarding either one.

However, while trying to determine what right for you – think about:

  • Your budget for creating the content
  • Available resources and dedicated timelines to be harnessed
  • Skills required, either in writing or presenting a camera, etc.




Regardless of the medium, they both complement each other. For instance a blog post can be repurposed into a blog and on the other hand a vlog too can be regenerated into a written post.

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