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Social Media & Community Management

Social media is an ideal platform for everyone to express their love for the brands at the same time a great way to gather feedback. So brands need to connect with their loyalists in a very effective way, to keep them engaged, thereby creating brand ambassadors!


Search Engine Optimization. Who views Page 5 of Google? Do you? It’s said that if you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist at all. Our SEO magician is an expert in identifying suitable keywords for your brand.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Media Planning, Consulting, Strategy. It is fun to speak with friends about your business, sipping chai, fighting over workable ideas! Right? Digiwale Mind Share is exactly the same thing.

Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development. We help create user friendly, and impactful user interfaces, be it for a website, a mobile application, or even for a kiosk. We can help you achieve the clean design and crisp user experience that would make your user say ‘wow’!

Content Writing

Whether it is about attracting attention of your prospects, creating buzz about a new product or ideating a kickass campaign, we deliver the best of it all backed up by concrete content optimization strategy. We believe content is the core of any brand strategy and we carefully study the need indeed pay rich dividends in terms of visibility, conversions and profitability.

Mobile Appliction

Mobile Application Development. Taking out your cellphone and looking at the screen 21 times in an hour is a normal act now. From awesome-ly designed native apps to light weight hybrid apps, we specialize in creating the best mobile experiences for your business.

Growth Hacking

Accelerate growth for your brand – be it by getting early traction for your product, growing the user-base or optimizing the campaigns with proven techniques from our experienced growth hackers. Right from activation to on-boarding to retention to revenue we come up with the right hacks that will allow your brand to grow in the right direction.

Brand Building & Design

Brand Building. A brand is like a person. It has certain distinct characteristics; a behavioral pattern and an identity which makes it stand out from the others just like in humans. We mentor you to discover inherent attributes that your brand holds.

Video Production

Video & 2D/3D Animation Films. What touches your heart in the form of words will appeal more in the form of video! Videos are a big part of today’s brand building and successfull campaigns, for it, is a medium that has the power or go viral on social media platforms!

Digital Marketing Audit

Optimize your digital marketing ecosystem by auditing the digital marketing strategy in its entireness at regular intervals. This is a guaranteed way of staying ahead of the digital curve.

Identify opportunities for cost-savings, performance improvement and competitive excellence with an encyclopaedic digital audit from us, be it social media audit, SEO audit, content marketing audit, AdWords audit, as we count on an exclusive audit index to help clients bloom in the raucous world of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Garage

Tailored Courses & Workshops. We spend every waking moment with all things digital and it is safe to say that we have picked a few tricks of the trade along the way. If you are new to the game or just do not find enough time to keep upto date with the relevant latest online tools being introduced everyday.