Powerful storytelling for your brands to enhance engagement

Powerful storytelling for your brands to enhance engagement


Starting a new business is not such as herculean task as it is to understand the various marketing techniques required to start introducing your brand in the market. It’s necessary for you to understand the difference between the various platforms and channels that are needed for your business.

Today we are all enjoying fruits of the digital era. Reaching out to audiences and engaging users with meaningful content has gathered a lot of importance since people first logged onto the internet. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social media platforms that enact as a medium of cognizance of your brand, which works best depends entirely on your business.

Therefore understanding the unique differences between snapchat and instagram stories will help you determine where to invest your marketing time.


How the stories work?

Instagram lets you share content through 2 tracks – feed and stories – while your feed is permanent, the shelf life of your story is 24 hours. This helps you generate urgency while providing reliable content for your followers. If you already have an Instagram account make it a point to use Instagram stories that will add to your brand image because you already have a set of viewers readily available.




On the other hand, Snapchat lets you share your content through a single track – the story and similarly has the shelf life of 24 hours. This helps promote timely content and enhances customer retention through constant sharing.




How the filters work?

Instagram filters ascend through various colours – you will always be able to apply these filters to change the colour, contrast, and lighting of your images or videos. While, Snapchat, provides a wider variety of options for customization and branding from the filters. Snapchat’s face – mapping and motion-filters are widely used to combine creativity with motions to your snaps.


How do #Hashtags work?

This is essential for all your Instagram and Snapchat stories to indicate the segment or the community you wish to approach. Although you cannot use them in Instagram or Snapchat stories, they can be widely use in feeds and search functions that influence your strategy.

Although these platforms serve a similar purpose of sharing and distribution, they are different in many ways but which one to use depends on the individual’s business.

Hashtags being the most imperative strength of Instagram allows marketers to use relevant number of them to not only enhance their brand but also connect with users of the same interest

On the contrary, Snapchat is ideal to create a sense of urgency. While it last for barely 10 seconds, the attention span of people remains undivided. This enacts as a powerful motivator encouraging users to take an action almost immediately.

So, which platform works best for you depends entirely on your business? There are some businesses who use both or neither.


Depends all on you!


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