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India, Digiwale’s birthplace, is where our Founder, Pratik Gandhi, first felt this insane pull towards the crazies of the digital world. When something catches your fancy, the only way to master it is to delve right into it, and this is exactly what he did! He delved deep into the digital space, learning of the amazing ways it was taking over the world, and while doing this he realized just how much the internet amazed. The idea of starting an upbeat digital agency, on its way to conquer the digital jungle, struck him in early 2009. On his previous career path he had worked for WNS, Amdocs, QED Baton, MAK Media and had gone on to become a Digital Marketing Trainer. Only after playing all these roles to the tee, he finally realized what his true calling was - to be an entrepreneur! That’s when he started finding fellow digifreaks and DIGIWALE was born. It was in early 2013, when on the June 30th – the World Social Media Day, Digiwale took life and we have never looked back since! The name ‘Digiwale’ comes from the two terms ‘digi’ (do you really want us to explain why that’s relevant?) and ‘wale’; which in India is a raw, endearing and local term for the word ‘people’. Together they make a catchy name that has just the right sound to it!


What we do

Learn how we help brands get amazing experiences.


Digimind Share

Digimind Share

It is fun to speak with friends about your business, sipping chai, fighting over workable ideas! Right? Digiwale Mind Share is exactly the same thing. We sit with you and understand your business. With current market trends and what you need, we carve out a unique strategy to travel the digital marketing path! We together, lay the foundation for business to brand transition.

DgiBrand Pandit

DigiBrand Pandit

A brand is like a person. It has certain distinct characteristics; a behavioral pattern and an identity which makes it stand out from the others just like in humans. We mentor you to discover inherent attributes that your brand holds. From a memorable brand name to a catchy tagline, attractive logo to a superb website we have a range of identity ideas in store for you to help your brand flourish.



Search Engine Optimization:
Who views Page 5 of Google? Do you? It’s said that if you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist at all. Our SEO magician is an expert in identifying suitable keywords for your brand. His magic wand creates a relevant bridge between searched queries on google and keywords in the content on website! Having you on the first page of Google, doesn’t look that difficult!
Search Engine Marketing:
Getting noticed is a huge task nowadays! SEM is a tricky game which has stringent rules. Our AdWord certified expert is like a gambler who wins each time he bids on keywords! SO get ready to handle heavy traffic and enjoy high conversion rate (increase in sales), all because of SEM!

Digi Social Connect

DigiSocial Connect

Social media is an ideal platform for everyone to express their love for the brands at the same time communicate shortfalls of it. So brands need to connect with their loyalists in a very effective way, to keep them engaged, thereby creating brand ambassadors!

Digi Social Connect – through various Social Media platforms, our super dedicated communication strategists, help you find your loyal tribe in the vast sea of people. We tell them stories, we hear them out, we engage them through creative visual content, we design exciting contests for them and this ensures a strong connect between your brand and the audience.

UI & UX Buildup

You like a website which is fast, dynamic and full of life, a mobile app which is buttery smooth and has a killer UI! The WOW Effect will help your brand create similar customer interfaces be it a website design, mobile app (all the current mobile OS) or even a kiosk! With neat design and crisp use experience, we will make everyone say WOW!

Digiwale AppBloom

Digiwale AppBloom

Taking out your cellphone and looking at the screen 21 times in an hour is a normal act now. From awesome-ly designed native apps to light weight hybrid apps, we specialize in creating the best mobile experience for your business in the form of an app.

From Real Estate to Restaurants, Travel companies to Hospitality industry, we have a rich app development experience.

Digital Marketing Garage

Digital Marketing Garage

For students, professionals and everyone who loves technology + social media The wave hits you hard if you aren’t a trained sailor. In this Digital Media storm, be ready and learned, open to new ideas and latest updates. Digital Marketing Garage helps you to play around with live cases coupled with interesting classroom sessions that leave you well versed with the ABC of Digital Marketing.
Garage opens with inquisitive minds, hot tea and some cookies, followed by refreshing case studies and hungry brains demanding more and more, and more! WAIT, we don’t skip meals

Our Team

Meet the Digiwale folks and as we call ourselves, the team With Finesse

Pratik Gandhi

Pratik Gandhi

The Founder Guy
Soham Sabnis

Soham Sabnis

Chief Evangelist
Sagar Amale

Sagar Amale

Pixel Shooter
Mohana Nashte

Mohana Nashte

Natasha Valecha

Natasha Valecha


Sarika Joglekar


Harshada Ghangale

Tanvi Gavali

Tanvi Gavali


Sutapa Das

Umesh Petkar

Umesh Petkar

Our Clients

We work with some of the most amazing brands and startups across industries.



The Digiwale Blog


The “to-be” influence of 3D- printing on digital platforms!!

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(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / jirsak

The Role Of Blogs In Inbound Marketing

In today’s fast paced internet world we want everything at a click of a button – WHY? Speed baby speed! We like to speed things up. Be it shopping, be it tutorials, we want everything at a click of a button (Ah- internet – our love- what  would have we done without you!)  If the […]

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